MOON VALLEY STUDIOS offers a rich heritage environment with dynamic interior and exterior spaces at competitive rates in the heart of Johannesburg. Ideal for both long and short term film productions, commercials, events, castings, music videos and photographic shoots. A heartbeat away from the city centre of Johannesburg, the studio is a versatile and adaptable space that welcomes filmmakers, storytellers and artists to make this unique space their own.


Home to STORYSCOPE, Moon Valley is run by a team of creative professionals who bring together multi-disciplinary experience in film production, design and architecture. We are committed to providing an inspirational environment and to assist you to bring  home your shoots, exhibitions and events in on schedule, on budget, and have fun while you at it!

Work with Us

Have an upcoming production? Do you need space for an unforgettable event?  Looking for a unique space in authentic Johannesburg? Get in touch with us by using our contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more. We are approachable and always happy to find a way to make your time at Moon Valley work for you!

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Moon Valley Studios
127 6th Ave Bezuidenhout Valley 

Johannesburg 2094 South Africa 

T: +27834113063 

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