MOON VALLEY STUDIOS offer a unique and highly adaptive space in Johannesburg for creative story-telling. Operating as a mini studio lot this space provides endless variety and depth of field for indoor and outdoor sets in the same environment.

We are located at the corner of 5th Street and 6th Avenue in Bezuidenhout Valley, City of Johannesburg. The property is easily accessible from 5th Street which provides access to Albertina Sisulu Road, the main arterial route leading from the Johannesburg CBD in the west towards the N3 highway in the east. Centrally situated within a park precinct, we offer a lettable area of 2912 sq.m on a 6580 sq.m sized property with premises that are well suited to any size production requiring diverse indoor and outdoor locations.

Situated on the old farm of Bezuidenhout valley, the property comprises industrial and barn like structures combined with heritage building reflecting dates of 1910, 1930, 1934 & 1942. The buildings used to be part of the Ginsberg Dye Factories and before that it was used as horse stables for the local farmers in the area.

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