MOON VALLEY STUDIOS has an amazing effect on people! Once they are there, travelling through a Johannesburg they don't normally see, they find themselves captivated in a space that is friendly, welcoming, modern and old world all at the same time. They always marvel. They always come back, and part of the reason for that is that every project imagined and realised at the studio becomes part of the fabric of our creative family. 

COMMUNITY. We have hosted film screenings, wrap parties, First Harvest festivals, New Years Day Parties, community activist gatherings, brand activations, #ExtinctionRebellion meetings and many many more, each one connected in their own way to the spirit of Moon Valley Studios. 

While creativity is our driving force, we also pay attention to the bottom line, and the Studio is therefore managed by an experienced management team, one that is committed to providing an inspirational environment that brings your production and event in on schedule and on budget.

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